How To Prevent Bunions

Wearing a wider toe box can spell relief for your feet and prevent the formation of bunions. At Foot & Ankle Surgery of New Braunfels, Dr. Brandon James and Dr. Sarah James work with you on bunions and other kinds of foot pain in New Braunfels, TX.

Who gets bunions? 

People who wear shoes that do not work well with the shape of their feet or work on their feet a lot are usually prone to bunions. Some foot shapes and genetics are inherently prone to bunions, such as those with low-to-no arch. Pregnancy is a factor for bunions, as well as obesity.

Preventing bunions 

These individuals would do well to wear ergonomic footwear, if possible. This type of shoe typically has a larger toe box, support for the arches, and enough cushion to support the rear of the foot.

Bunions usually occur when the feet are in shoes that have small or pointy toe boxes. As you walk, the toes spread, and the first toe can not spread naturally because of constriction in the shoe. The great toe leans into the other toes as the side of your footwear begins to rub on the joint, causing swelling and pain.

If this process is repeated enough or done for a long enough time, the bunion can make it challenging to wear shoes, walk, run, and do other activities. High heels and shoes with stiff soles put stress on the toe joint, increasing the risk of bunions.

Exercises for bunion prevention 

Grabbing small objects with your toes and then releasing them, rolling the sole of your foot against tennis or other small balls, and heel raises help to strengthen the muscles of the foot and prevent bunion pain.

For more severe bunions, your podiatrist may suggest wearing custom insoles to help your feet feel their best as you walk. The staff at Foot & Ankle Surgery of New Braunfels can help you determine your next step towards preventing bunions.

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