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Customized Foot Care With Orthotics

At Foot & Ankle Surgery of New Braunfels, Texas, Drs. Brandon and Sarah James have many patients who benefit from orthotics, which are custom-designed foot support devices. These go above and beyond what over-the-counter shoe inserts can do, helping our patients stand and walk with greater ease and mobility. To learn more about orthotics from your New Braunfels podiatrist, read on.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are medical implements that your New Braunfels podiatrist prescribes for structural foot problems or medical issues like arthritis or diabetes. Depending on your needs, orthotics are designed to cushion, protect, or immobilize parts of the foot that need extra support. Orthotics may be inserts that you wear inside your shoes, braces that are strapped around the foot and ankle, or an entire shoe itself. These custom-designed devices are often the solution to foot problems that might otherwise require surgery to correct. Rigid orthotics are, as the name implies, made from a hard, non-flexible material, while soft or accommodative orthotics use cushioning as a way to treat chronic foot discomfort.

Why do people need orthotics?

There are a variety of reasons why your New Braunfels podiatrist might prescribe orthotics. Patients with diabetes, for example, may need to wear them to prevent foot wounds from developing. People whose feet or leg bones are different sizes can also benefit greatly from wearing an orthotic device. Other foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or weak ankles often respond well to orthotic treatment. To prevent a new or repeated injury, athletes such as ice skaters or football players may need special orthotics inside their footwear.

To learn more about how orthotics can improve your life, contact Foot & Ankle Surgery of New Braunfels to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists, Dr. Brandon James or Dr. Sarah James. We can be reached at (830) 387-4427.

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